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Handmade English Leather Belt. 1 1/2 Australian Nut

SKU: 17767

A range of English made leather belts made in our workshop in Woodcote. All belts are handmade using traditional methods and we use English hide leather so the belts will last for years.

This unique design has been designed in our workshop in Woodcote.

The buckle is secured by 5 single hand sewn stitches with an invisible knot. It is a very old and now seldom used stitch.

All belts are made to measure so an exact fit is guarenteed. 

Made from J&FJ Bakers Veg tanned Bridle Butt. 

J&FJ Baker is Britain's only remaining traditional oak bark tannery. Their unique leather is favoured by distinguished shoemakers & top stables for its quality, durability & finish. The Bridle Butt used for these belts is the best quality leather available.

Solid Brass West End Buckle or Chrome West End Buckle.

Hand sewn.

Fixed and a handsewn running keeper.

Presented in a gift box.

You will recieve a FREE matching handmade leather key fob.

Please allow 7/10 days for delivery.


Measuring for the perfect fit!

There are two ways that you can measure to achieve that exact fit. Either from an existing belt, or by measuring your own waist. Don't forget that a belt is not your trouser size and it may be more than you think as the belt sits over the top of your trousers.

Existing Belt.

Take a belt that fits you well and measure from where the buckle pin meets the buckle (on the inner edge) to the hole that you usually use to do the belt up with.

Waist Measurement

Simply measure around your waist where the belt will sit and at the tightness you require.

My Belt measurements

The length of belt that you order will be the length from the buckle pin to the middle hole on the belt. This will allow three holes either side to make adjustments. There is 6 inches from the last hole to the tip of the belt. Each hole is spaced 1" apart.

Unfortunately no refunds can be given due to inaccurate measuring on your part.

    Fixed keeper colour
    Thread colour